Our 1st Phone Call

Our 1st Phone Call

Have 3‐5 minutes to answer some questions about yourself and the project you had in mind. During the initial telephone interview I like to gather information about you and the project you had in mind.

If PRA Construction Services, Inc. is a good fit for you and your project. I’d like to set up a time for our initial appointment in your home to further discuss your needs, desires and priorities.

Some of the questions I’ll have are.

• How did you hear about us?

• Where is your project?

• What do you want to do?

• Why do you want to do the project?

• Why do you want to do the project now?

• Why haven’t you done the project before now?

• When do you want to start the project?

• When would you like to have your project completed?

• Have you remodeled before? If Yes, How was the experience?

• Have you visited our website yet?

• Who will make the buying decision?

• Have you considered how much you would like to invest in this project?

• Is yours the only schedule we need to consider in scheduling an appointment?