20,000 Home Buyers Surveyed – Must Have Home Features

Wayzata, MN. Home Remodeling.

In this article from the National Association of Builders, They discuss the top features that new home buyers want and the old trends that their avoiding in their new homes.
If your planning to remodel your home, you’ll see what design trends are hot today.  

“Large living rooms and soaking tubs, on the other hand, are falling out of favor, and consumers don’t want second-floor laundry rooms because they think they make too much noise when people are trying to sleep. Mostly, prospective buyers are looking for small details: the built-in desk under a stairway, the courtyard tucked between the two downstairs bedrooms. To be successful in the current marketplace, builders should be using such features to “create memory points,” said Kate Brennan of the Chicago design firm Mary Cook and Associates. More than ever, the kitchen is the hub of the house, even if busy families are bringing home takeout. A kitchen island needs to be larger to double as a homework spot, craft table and bill-paying desk — and a place to enjoy coffee on a Sunday morning.”

See the article Home Buyers Looking for Open Floor Plans, Memorable Details

Wayzata, MN. Home Remodeling.

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