A Better House Emerges From The Skeleton Of An Old One

Minnetonka, MN. Basement Finishing

They transformed a dungeon like, boxy home near the end of it’s life cycle; into an energy efficient, eco-friendly, stunning home. They used the existing bare bones structure and save 25% on the remodeling costs.

“a bi-level production home near the end of its life cycle. Clients, too, often overlook the opportunities to piece together old and new. An exception is Eric and J.J. Edstrom, who live in a wooded subdivision west of Milwaukee. After 10 years in their boxy 1970s-era home, the couple agreed that its 1,300 square feet was roomy enough for them and their young daughter, even if it was dull and dysfunctional. They wanted a modern, compact design, one that would salvage the building’s still-viable structural parts.”

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Minnetonka, MN. Basement Finishing

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