About PRA Remodeling

About PRA Remodeling

For the last 18 years Phil has provided construction and carpentry services for homeowners, builders and remodelers in the Western Twin Cities suburbs. After working on hundreds of residential projects over the years Phil could see what was happening at ground level and studied what worked and what didn’t work in their businesses. You need a system or process to make the remodeling of your home a comfortable process done to fit your needs, in a appropriate time table and all in a cost efficient manner.

There was a need for a remodeling system that was different from how most other residential contractors operated their businesses. The goal with our system is to make all of your selections and have all materials, fixtures, and special order items available before we start work.

Phil has made it a priority to continue his ongoing training on the latest codes, technical requirements, building skills, CAD design, business skills and best accounting practices. As well as membership in professional trade associations like NARI and BATC, who require a commitment to a code of ethics.

These skills will make your home remodeling experience as exciting and rewarding as possible.

“I enjoy working with homeowners to reorganize existing space for more efficient use, or adding space to solve your changing needs. It’s rewarding making homes more comfortable by improving energy-efficiency and home functionality.”