Bathroom Remodeling With Rock For An Unusual And Unique Look

Maple Grove, MN. Bathroom Remodeling

When remodeling your bathroom you can achieve the look of a natural relaxing, peaceful hideout using natural materials like grasscloth wallpaper, natural hemp or grass mats, hemp shower curtain, rock sink and tub, bamboo vanity, bamboo accessories. Add a skylight or suntube for natural 24 hour lighting. Even a small water fountain will add to the theme.

“Bathroom remodeling provides an opportunity to go for an entirely new look. For some, bathroom remodeling is a time for an unusual look – something unique. Bathroom remodeling with rock and other natural materials can give you that unique look. It can give you the feeling of being in a natural retreat, far from the busy city life.”

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Maple Grove, MN. Bathroom Remodeling

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