Before signing the refi loan papers

Plymouth, MN. Bathroom Remodeling.

You’ve been approved for your mortgage refi and your feeling pretty good about the money you’ll be saving every month. Now’s the time to closely watch your lenders documents to make sure your getting the loan the lender promised. If you notice the terms are incorrect at the closing table, they cannot be corrected on the spot. The lender will have to issue a new GFE and there has to be 72 hours between issuing of a new GFE and a closing.

“Borrowers should be careful to check the first page of the GFE when they receive it to make sure the dates are accurate and they have a legitimate locked-in interest rate offer. It is imperative to check the loan summary and the lock, because if they are incorrect, the lender will not have to provide the loan as promised.”

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 Plymouth, MN. Bathroom Remodeling.

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