Bring In Natural Light & Reduce Energy Costs In Your Home

Eden Prairie, MN. Basement Finishing

 Today’s energy efficient skylights are no longer prone to leaks as the earlier lesser quality skylights. Many bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects are also including super efficient skylights and sun tunnels for a 24-hour light source. Sun tunnels can be installed in small areas to bring passive natural light into hallways, closets, and other small areas of the home. Skylights along with vertical windows can provide better natural lighting and ventilation in your kitchen and bathrooms  as well as your laundry room. Adding a venting skylight in these rooms will help quickly remove heated moist and stale air.

“says that kitchens and bathrooms, always high on homeowner remodeling lists, are logical candidates for natural lighting and passive ventilation upgrades. “They, along with laundry rooms, have higher moisture and humidity levels than other areas of the home and are among the most popular locations for venting skylights. And more natural light is always welcomed where clothes are being sorted by color,”

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Eden Prairie, MN. Basement Finishing

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