Is Your Cash Insured Against Theft?

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Have you ever heard of insuring your cash just like you insure your house, car & other assets? This might come as a surprise to all those homeowners & renters who have never read their policy or, maybe, never got a chance to do so. Well then, YES you heard it right. All your coins, currency, gift cards & other cash equivalent are completely insurable & thus can be recovered through a claim. This of course is subject to policy deductibles & limits. For your cash the lower limit might be as low as $200. Whether cash or its equivalent are covered in various situations depends upon the policy. In fact depending on your policy, money that went missing from a suitcase or a bag at an airport might also be covered under renters or homeowners insurance. Your small loses such as $20 bill are generally not covered but those which might affect you financially are covered.

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 Minnetonka, MN. Room Addition Contractor.

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