Conserve Energy – Your Refrigerator

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Replace your old fridge for big savings. The life expectancy for standard refrigerators is 13 years; it’s one of the biggest energy hogs in your house. This is just normal since refrigerators are plugged all the time.

ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators are required to use 20% less energy than models not labeled with the ENERGY STAR logo. Choose a new qualified model rather than a non-qualified model and cut your energy bills by $165 over the lifetime of your fridge. You may also receive a rebate or credit from your utility company for replacing that old fridge.

If you still have a fridge from the 1980s, replace it with an ENERGY STAR qualified model and save over $100 each year on your utility bills. Replace a fridge from the 1970s and save more than $200 each year!

You just bought a new refrigerator? Your old refrigerator still works and thinking of keeping it; that beer fridge will add $100 to $300 a year to your energy bill.

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 Minnetonka, MN. Home Repair.

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