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Often times the design of bathrooms are not given much consideration. Many people focus on the décor of the bathroom, while neglecting the functional design. Of course, depending on the type of bathroom you’re building, you will need to keep different factors in mind. This article will consider the design factors for three different types of bathrooms.

Master bathrooms

The design and functionality of master bathrooms vary widely. Some are relatively basic, while others have a whirlpool or other features. Some are even divided into multiple rooms! You just have to decide what features you want yours to have!

Kids’ bathrooms

If you’re designing a bathroom for your kids, the main factors you probably want to consider are safety and durability. With safety in mind, you should consider to as much as possible use non slip surfaces. Also, kids WILL spill water in the bathroom, so try to design the bathroom in such a way that spilled water will not cause damage or a safety hazard. Durability is pretty obvious, for the most part – minimize glass and other delicate decorations and fixtures.

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 Golden Valley, MN. Bathroom Remodeling.

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