Old Drafty Fireplaces Have Met Their Match

Wayzata, MN. Room Addition.

Today’s sleek prefabricated fireplace’s, operate on new fuels such as compressed bricks of recycled wood fiber, bioethanol, compressed wood pellets, corn, sunflower seeds and wheat kernels. Manufacturers are using fresh designs and more efficient technology to deliver units that insert inside the firebox of an existing fireplace, standalone units or even hang on the wall. You may be able to save even more money when you switch to a more efficient unit, with a tax credit.

“But while they are pleasant for ambiance, most open, wood-burning fireplaces today are about 10% efficient, with the majority of the wood’s energy going up the chimney, according to the hearth association. An open fire also feeds on room air and can actually draw heat out of a home. Consumers are increasingly upgrading to closed units that burn with efficiency of 75% or higher.”

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Wayzata, MN. Room Addition.

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