Duct-tape disasters and other DIY no-nos

Wayzata, MN. Kitchen Remodeling.

Looking to save a few bucks by Doing It Yourself? Read about some of the costliest (and most dangerous) mistakes that professionals have seen as they attempt to undo some of the tangled wires that DIYers have gotten themselves into. Also see some helpful tips on Doing It Right when you Do It Yourself.

“When homeowners strap on a tool belt or grab that roll of duct tape, they can get into a lot of trouble. Even the simplest-seeming projects can go horribly wrong. An entire YouTube category of “DIY disasters” bears witness to the world of do-it-yourselfers in over their heads”

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Duct-tape disasters and other DIY no-nos – MSN Real Estate

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Wayzata, MN. Kitchen Remodeling.