Easy Home Winterization Projects

Minnetonka, MN. Contractor.

Save 5% to 30% a year by sealing up gaps with caulking and weather-stripping. Get a furnace tune-up, in order to run it’s best a periodic tune-up will keep your furnace running at it’s peak performance. Consider switching to a permanent air filter, they remove much more particles from the air and will reduce waste and hassle of monthly filter changing.

Lower the thermostat during heating season, for every degree you’ll save between 1 and 3% on your heating bill. Buy a programmable thermostat to make the adjustments automatically and save even more. Also dress warmer inside your home.

Lower the temperature on you water heater to at least 120 degrees F not only will you have energy savings; at that temperature it would be very difficult to get a scalding burn.

“Make your home feel warmer without turning up the heat this winter. With these winterization tips, you’ll save energy without spending much money (and you might even qualify for $500-$1,500 in tax credits).”

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 Minnetonka, MN. Contractor.

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