Eden Prairie, Mn. Remodeling

Eden Prairie, Mn. Remodeling

The dream home you purchased not so many years ago has turned into a morning battle zone. The bathroom and kitchen that served your needs is incapable of serving the needs of your family. All of you are in constant conflict when trying to get ready for work and school in the mornings.

The steam from the shower turns your golden tresses into a frizzled clown’s wig. Your eye makeup is running down your cheeks completing the clown look. Moving to the kitchen only serves to change the battlefield. As your husband flips pancakes, you attempt to pass behind him and end up wearing the cup of hot coffee you just poured. It is time to seek help.

A bathroom lagoon pool with waterfall may not be feasible. But, PRA Construction Services, Inc. An Eden Prairie remodeling company can design a bathroom with a walk-in shower with rainforest style shower head and spray jets that will make you feel like you’ve been caught in a shower of rain in a tropical forest. The devastating shower steam can be controlled by glass blocks that separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Say goodbye to the frizzy hair and runny makeup.

A remodeling company can design a kitchen that lets your husband continue his pancake flipping artistry without turning you into a victim of hot coffee burns and stains. An indoor grill lets your husband explore grilling culinary arts. It is hard to grill outside when the winter temperatures are cold enough to freeze the flames. The grill and cooktops can be covered with a beautiful copper hood which accentuates the granite topped island.

You can turn your battle zones into areas of paradise with expert Eden Prairie remodeling.

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