February Home Maintenance Checklist

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February is the time of year to check how tight your home is.
You should thoroughly go through your home to detect where water can enter and warm moist air is escaping. Checking doors, windows, vents, walls, electrical outlets and ceilings. It’s a good idea to keep notes, then you can prioritize and complete project as time permits. Some projects may have to wait for warm weather.

The US Department of Energy has a Home Energy Saver App that you can put in the details of your home. Then you can compare your energy cost to a typical and energy efficient homes in your area. Then it will suggest upgrades that can be made to improve energy use in your home. Also shows a chart of the typical energy use in U.S. homes broken down by, space heating & cooling, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, etc.

Don’t forget about some of those interior maintenance projects. Check under sinks for plumbing leaks and mold. How are the tub & shower areas looking? Is the grout and caulking in good shape? Leaking in those areas can cause damage the will not be detected until major damage has occurred.

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 Chanhassen, MN. Home Repair.

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