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Man, I’m tired of this squeaky door. Hi, I’m Mark Donovan from and today I’m going to show you a few tips on how to get rid of squeaky door hinges. First we begin by putting some newspaper underneath the door. Make sure all hinges are tightly fastened to the doorframe and to the door itself. What causes the door to squeak is actual friction between the door hinge and the door hinge bolt. And if the door hinge itself is loose from either the door or the doorframe, that could create torque intention and cause friction on the door hinge.

Next, using a can of WD-40 and the hose apparatus, lightly lubricate each hinge. Open and close the door a couple times and then wipe it down with a rag of any excess WD-40 compound. And repeat that for all three hinges.

If the WD-40 didn’t resolve the squeak, remove the hinge pin from just one of the hinges. With a hinge pin removed, wipe it down and then using a very fine steel wool; rub it around, kind of twisting the pin in the steel wall. This will remove any rust or dirt that may be on the pin itself. Then again, wipe it down with a rag. Reinsert the pin into the door hinge, and repeat this process for all three door hinges on the door.

Finally, if you are still having a door hinge squeak, again remove each pin individually, wipe it down and then using a little canola oil or motor oil, just lightly on our rag wipe the hinge bolts down so that you lubricate the bolts with a little bit of the oil. Reinsert the bolt and repeat this process for all the hinges on the door.

Ah, that’s better. No more squeaks. So that’s all it took. A few lubrication techniques on the door hinges and no more door squeaks. If you have any other home improvement questions, visit us at today.

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 Hopkins, MN. Room Addition.

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