Fuel Cell That Can Take You Off the Grid

Wayzata, MN. Room Addition.

Clear edge power system that make power cells. The Oregon based company raised $73.5 million funds and is aiming to corner the small fuel cell installation market. It aims at generating electrical power. It also generates heat which is useful for generating hot water. The Clear Edge system is priced approx $56000 and offers 5 KW of power.

“ClearEdge’s systems retail for $56,000 (before tax incentives and rebates) and offer five KW of power, though you can string multiple units together if you need more. Customers can expect to have the system pay for itself within five to eight years.”

See the full article: ClearEdge Wants To Put A Refrigerator-Sized Fuel Cell In Your House

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Wayzata, MN. Room Addition.