Inexpensive Projects

Inexpensive Projects


In the current recession-conscious economy small jobs and replacements are very popular.There are great ways to remodel and touch-up your home. Improvements that contribute to curb appeal are some of the top projects to consider. A new entry door or exterior replacements or enhancements such as siding, exterior trim, front porch or window.



Minor Kitchen Remodel

A minor kitchen remodel such as a relatively inexpensive “face-lift”. Replace counter tops or hardware, lighting, floor, sink, faucet, window, appliances any of these will breathe new life into your home. Kitchen cabinet replacement is one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen project. If your cabinets are in good shape but you just are not thrilled with their finish you have many options to change their appearance and create an entirely new look to the kitchen. Many of these ideas also work well with a minor bathroom remodel.

Minor bathroom remodel

Such as a relatively inexpensive “face-lift”. Replace counter tops, vanity, hardware, bathtub refinishing, lighting, floor, sink, faucet, window, shower door.

Wood Deck

A wood deck addition or improvement like replacing an outdated railing is a good choice to add out door living space.


Basements can be finished to add room and a bathroom. If the original basement remodel was poorly planned or just getting old you can make changes to increase the comfort.

Storage Solutions

Custom design storage solutions for your master bedroom closet, mudroom, or any room in the house.

Home Safe rooms, Bunkers, Storm shelters

These shelters can be disguised and hidden in your home to protect your family and valuables. You can design these safe rooms in your home to be equipped with heavy steel doors and multiple locks to be storm, fire and bullet proof.

Replace the Interior Doors With New Ones

Many homes come standard with traditional wooden doors that are basic. A different door with a better design can add more beauty to a home.

Window Decoration

Windows should never be ignored. Just putting blinds on them only prevents the sunlight from entering. There are a lot of window customization and remodeling solutions available. People can choose from curtains and drapes for the interior and mirror glass for the exterior.

Interior trim and woodwork

Adding some elaborate trim and woodwork around windows and doors in a featured room. will add a sense of comfort and luxury, Your home will stand out from all the others with their plain old minimal woodwork.