Kitchen Remodeling Styles

Kitchen Remodeling Styles



Kitchens come in many styles, choosing a kitchen style requires serious thought.
Listed here are many kitchen styles.





Arts & Crafts 
Arts & Crafts kitchens rely on a natural bespoke look with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship.

Simple and minimalist decorating in the Asian style is very popular.

Biedermeier  (1815-1830) came about after the end of the Napoleonic wars in Germany.

Fundamentally, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define contemporary style decorating. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are modern, geometric or curved. They are free of molding or ornamentation. Cabinets can be stainless steel, white or bright color laminate. When wood is used it is lightly grained like birch, ash or maple. Doors are slab or horizontal lift-up styles with glass inserts.

The country kitchen often includes elements that have been in use for hundreds of years. It tends to be a simple yet elegant design that works for both everyday use and more formal events.

English Cottage Coziness and comfort are the basic cottage decorating ideas which governs the home decorating scheme of English cottages.

The federal is a very delicate and classical style.

French Country
The French country kitchen theme is a very popular design which concentrates on creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A traditional French country style kitchen does not have wasted space. Every inch of the kitchen has a purpose.

Lodge style kitchens are quite rustic and may be found in log cabin homes or vacation cabins. Nature is a big part of this style.

Mission style cabinets are mainly designed with oak woods. Their appearance is that of old-styled furniture. The design is borrowed from an Amish country’s heirloom.

Modern doesn’t have to mean “cold”; with a simple punch of color, your modern kitchen can become warm and inviting. “Techy” kitchen gadgets and appliances are often a part of this design theme.

Neo classical design looks back to the ideals of art and history of classical times. Details of this style are refined, delicate, and elegant.

Old World
Old World kitchen cabinets have a painted, cracked, distressed finish. Dish and cup racks are part of the Old World cabinetry. Bead board doors have raised panels.

Heavily grained woods such as knotty pine, hickory or alder are used for rustic kitchen cabinets. The cabinets have flat panel doors and pieces that look like furniture. Common colored stains on rustic kitchen cabinets are red, green or yellow. The rustic design is rooted in distinct regional images like Adirondack, Pacific Northwest and Southwestern

This kitchen design should be uncluttered, with only the necessary cabinets, appliances, and decorations. The kitchen should have plenty of storage. Clean, simple, functional.

Traditional kitchens have a formal, elegant look characteristic of American and European homes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries

Transitional kitchens include elements of both traditional and contemporary design. Eclectic in nature, they mix natural and man-made materials as well as finishes and textures.

The Tudor design style takes its cues from 16th-century England, when prosperity brought new ideas for comfortable living

The Tuscan kitchen design is basically inspired by Italian forms and designs. Decorating a kitchen in Tuscan style will bring a rustic mood into your home, and a relaxed Mediterranean feel.

Victorian kitchen design can give the kitchen a romantic look , while retaining modern convenience. The Victorian kitchen was a simple room, furnished with simple pine or oak finishes and open shelves.

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