Maple Grove, MN. Remodeling

Maple Grove, MN. Remodeling


Chartreuse No More: Remodel!

“I am so tired of the tile in the kitchen.”

“Then change it!”

“I hate the wallpaper, too. It is chartreuse and yellow, for heaven’s sake; it looks like it was put up when Porky’s drive-in opened in 1953.”


“Regrettably true. But rest assured that a Maple Grove home can be as modern and fashionable as one in Malibu! Just remodel.”

“The indoor outdoor carpeting on the basement steps is pathetic, too. Who knew it would look as perkily plastic after ten years as it did the day it was installed?”

“You have much to remedy. But it will be easy if you listen up: ‘remodel!'”

“Did you say remodel?”


” But isn’t remodeling tedious and expensive and a huge hassle?”

“Not if you look for superlative Maple Grove remodeling company who will come into your home, explore your hopes and dreams, give you a fair estimate, and get the work done quickly and efficiently.”

“Really? Such a thing exists in Maple Grove?”

“Sure. PRA Construction Services, Inc. is as capable as you can find anywhere. Want to learn more?”

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