Minnetonka, MN Kitchen Remodeling

Minnetonka, MN Kitchen Remodeling

You know when it’s time to start thinking about a face lift for your old kitchen. The cabinet doors no longer close smoothly, the countertops won’t scrub clean, no matter how much elbow grease you apply, and even your pets seem reluctant to enter the room for their meals.

It’s time to face the music: the old kitchen needs updating.

But where to start? Kitchen remodeling isn’t a project that homeowners place high on their to-do lists; between the multitude of decisions to be made, the upheaval and mess while it’s going on, and of course, the expense, it’s no wonder that most homeowners are put off by this daunting task.

That’s where we can help; when it comes to smoothing the way for Minnetonka kitchen remodeling projects, we have the expertise that whittles this project down to a more manageable level.

We start with the basics: helping you to determine the optimal layout so that your kitchen is functional, yet aesthetically pleasing; a room to which your family and guests are naturally drawn. With the application of the “work triangle” methodology, we configure your dream kitchen design around the core of a triangle-shaped path with the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove at the three points.

Then we build from there; many Minnetonka kitchen remodeling projects add features such as a second sink, an extra dishwasher, wine storage, or even an island. Kitchen islands are an excellent addition as they add extra counter space, which is always desirable in a well-functioning kitchen. An island also offers extra storage space in the form of cabinets or under-the-counter shelving, and with a strategic cutout space, bar stools of chairs at the island provide for additional seating.

Another consideration that we take seriously when designing Minnetonka kitchen remodeling tasks involves a focus on environmental concerns. Energy-efficient appliances, low-flow faucets, and functional areas for easy recycling are all high up on the kitchen remodeling list for most of our clients, and we realize the importance of incorporating this philosophy into the work that we do.

The choice of materials for counter tops and cabinets comes into play here, as well; you may wish to use traditional materials or incorporate healthier materials such as bamboo, strawboard, or wheatboard.

Let us show you the ways in which you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams; it’s what we do!

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