Our Process

Our Process

Our remodeling process is a collaborative effort that utilizes a select group of design professionals, suppliers and sub-contractors to meet individual client needs. Utilizing the collaborative approach offers greater flexibility in connecting the right personnel to best suit the client. Because our partners are independent, rather than employees, we are able to pass along the savings in overhead to our clients.

Initial / Phase One

 Step 1 – 1st Phone Call

During the initial telephone interview, have 3‐5 minutes to answer some questions about yourself and the project you had in mind. I like to gather information about you and the project you had in mind. If PRA Construction Services, Inc. is a good fit for you and your project we can schedule a meeting in your home. Collect pictures of rooms and ideas from magazines, web pages, pictures of friends homes, books and prepare them to show in your first meeting.

Here’s a Link to Our Page – What to Expect on Our 1st Phone Call

 Step 2 – 1st Meeting

At our first meeting we will have the opportunity to “get to know one another.” We want to listen to your needs, desires and expectations and we want you to feel comfortable in asking us questions as well. We’ll go over your pictures of rooms and ideas from magazines, web pages, pictures of friends homes. The more detailed information you give, the easier it will be for the us to address your needs.

Here’s a Link to Our Page – What to Expect at Our 1st Meeting

Start the Design Process / Phase Two

 Depending on the project and the level of service required, there may be fees required for this work. Usually equals approximately 3-7% of the project budget. Fee amounts are based on the complexity of the project and the amount of work required. 

This is done to bring value to the service provided. How many times has someone said to you “Yes, it’s a free estimate…. I’ll get back to you”. And they never do or its a WAG estimate (Wild A** Guess), SWAG estimate (they used a calculator, Scientific Wild A** Guess) We feel our approach gives both potential client and PRA Construction Services, Inc. a vested interest in the project. You are serious about the project, and we are serious about doing the project for you.

The retainer established to procure our services is far below the actual cost of the time investment we will have in the project. Therefore all designs will remain the property of PRA Construction Services, Inc. If you desire to purchase these plans and project detailing that we generate, you can do so by paying an additional cost above the retainer incurred in generating the plans. The amount of retainage is applied directly against the job cost once you accept the bid provided by PRA Construction Services, Inc.

Step 3 – As-Built Survey

We will begin by doing an thorough review of the existing conditions of the space and taking detailed measurements of current dimensions including foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, window and door locations. a successful remodeling project starts with a detailed and accurate plan about the starting point.

Here’s a Link to Our Page – Why you may need an As-Built Survey

Step 4 – Drawings

We will develop concept drawings based on the budget, when we capture the correct layout, we’ll produce elevation drawings.

Step 5 – Materials Selections

We then begin selecting the finishes such as cabinet style and color, countertop materials, plumbing and electrical fixtures, tile, paint colors or wallpaper, trim, flooring, or any other aspect of the project.

Step 6 – Present an estimate/contract

Once your project has been designed, we will know exactly what materials and processes need to be included in your project estimate. Our goal is to cover everything needed for your job, so that you will not encounter any surprises later on, and to help ensure that the project proceeds without delays. We will discuss a payment schedule specific to your job, as well as our policy for making changes during the construction process. You’ll know when and why progress payments will be needed, and how to handle design and material changes even after construction has begun.

Construction / Phase Three

 Our goal is to make all of your selections and have all materials, fixtures, and special order items available before we start work.  

Step 7 – The Construction Process

After coming to an agreement on design, budget and timing, we will meet with you for a pre-construction meeting to include:

Addressing any special concerns or considerations you may have.
Review the plans and specifications of your project.
Verify all site conditions.
Consider your house pets.
Consider your work schedule and the schedules of your children.
Review work hours.
Plan for material storage and workers parking.
Check availability of special order items.
Address the permit and inspection process.
Determine where we place our secure lock box that will contain a key allowing us access to your property.
We obtain the building permits required for the project.

Step 8 – Rough-in Work Begins

Prior to the commencement of any work, we prepare your home for construction. Temporary partitions are set up, floors are protected, and tools are placed in a designated area. Work then begins with demolition and preparations are made for rough-in construction work such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems, and rough carpentry. Progress payments for work are dispersed as set out in the quotation.

Step 9 – Finishing Work Begins

Once the foundation has been set for finishing work, and all rough in construction has been completed, the pleasing elements of your project will start to come together: finishing carpentry, flooring, painting, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, etc. Again, progress payments for work are dispersed as set out your quotation.

Step 10 – Project Completion

We hold a pre-completion walk through with the project manager and homeowner, which helps ensure a 100% satisfaction with our customers.

Warranty and Performance Guidelines

All workmanship shall conform to the guidelines found in the publication Residential Construction Performance Guidelines for Professional Builders and Remodelers Fourth Edition, By the National Association of Home Builders. If an item is not covered in that publication, standard industry practice shall govern. This may include the dispute resolution process as specified in the contract documents or by applicable laws.

We provide a 1, 2 and 10 year Limited Warranty as per Minnesota Statues Chapter 327A.