Repair a Small Hole in Your Wall

Minnetonka, MN. Home Remodeling.

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Hi.  Welcome to Home Remodel Workshop.  Don’t you just hate it when that neighbor kid shows up and blows a hole in your wall with a doorknob?  In the next couple of minutes, we’re gonna show you how to take care of that.

Some basic tools and materials you’re gonna need to do this project is the wallboard knife, the drywall compound pan, some drywall compound, a utility knife, the keyhole saw and a scrap piece of drywall.

As an example of the repair that we’re gonna be fixing today is this hole that was caused by a doorknob hitting your drywall.  I’m sure we’ve all seen it and, if not in our house, it was in someone else’s.  Here’s where we start.

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Minnetonka, MN. Home Remodeling.

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