Repairing Flush Handle in a Toilet

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Something else that can go wrong with the toilet is the flush handle.  Either the plastic guarding can break or the metal arm can break, the handle can fall off and separate when they are pressed together.  The most important thing you have to know about changing a flush handle is that some toilets, this particular American standard toilet, has a flush handle with a 28° arm.  Most toilets or a lot of toilets have a square tank so that the handle would be straight and not going in at an angle and that would be this kind of a flush handle.

Now, here’s the thing you need to know.  This is the only left-handed nut in your house.  Normally, when you turn something counterclockwise, I unscrew it.  But as you can see, this nut is tightening.  If I was trying to undo it with these pair of channel locks, and I was reefing at it, I would be pinching on the tank and the chance of me of me breaking the china.  So it’s often a good idea to have a new flush handle with you so you can see which way you can turn the nut so when you go to take the flush handle off, you don’t go the wrong way the first time.  You can see which way you are going to go and you can take it off without hurting it.

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