How to Seal Tile Grout Shower and Tub

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Ceramic tile is really popular in allot of houses in the tri-state area and your goanna find it shower stalls and around tubs, in kitchens, laundry rooms, everywhere. But the common complaint? The grout. How do you keep the grout clean? Okay, here’s why grout gets dirty first of all. If you look at grout, it looks a lot like this bunch. It’s got a lot of these little holes and cracks and there’s all these me places for dirt and grime and soap to hide. And that’s exactly what the mildew eats and feeds on. Okay, so, how do you stop that from happening? What you want to do is you want to buy some clear sealers, we used to make them out of silicone and now we make them out of clear polymers. And those sealers fill in those holes and crevices so that the food is just on the surface. And if you keep your tile cleaning, you really won’t have mildew.

Now here’s the other problem. Once you get your tile sealed by using the neat polymers, they come in little tubes with brushes and you just squeeze it and the sealer flows right onto the grout. Now, after you are done, you have got to get the water out of the shower, off the tile every time you are finished. Use a squeegee, go ahead and leave your shower doors open, leave your shower curtains open to get really good air flow so that the tile dries as rapidly as possible.


You know, sealing ceramic tile can be fun and fashionable especially if you are color-coordinated like me. If you want to discover more home improvement tips go to

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