Secrets to Get Your Bathroom to Sparkle

Chanhassen, MN. Home Remodeling Contractors.

Would you like your bathroom to be as sparkling as your smile? The shower stall, Rubber bath mats, shower liner, clogged shower-head can all be given a makeover with a little effort, detergents, mild chemicals and good housekeeping. Also give your medicine cabinet a checkup periodically.

“You can keep the bathroom reasonably clean with a weekly onceover — brush out the toilet, wipe down the sink, squeegee the shower — but over time, the soap scum, mildew and mildew deposits accumulate. If you’d prefer not to clean yourself up in a room filled with dirty secrets, here are some suggestions to send them on their way.”

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 Chanhassen, MN. Home Remodeling Contractors.

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