The House That Hemp Built

Eden Prairie, MN. Home Remodeling.

Hemcrete is used in Europe for everything from walls to roof insulation. A  Hemcrete building is expected to last an average of 700 years. Interest in the material in the US is as yet undetermined. Hemp is a rapidly renewable plant, it takes 1.5 acres of hemp to build a 1500 sq. foot home.

“The firm’s prototypical “Push House” offers just such an example. Its stucco-like exterior walls are actually made of 12-inch-thick Hemcrete, a biocomposite masonry compound that’s mold-resistant, bug-proof, and recyclable. And get this: Hemcrete sequesters carbon and other “nasty stuff” from the atmosphere and undergoes a natural petrification process as air filters through it, becoming stronger over time.”

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 Eden Prairie, MN. Home Remodeling.

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