The Light Bulb Law

Plymouth, MN. Bathroom Remodeling

Get ready to change the way we light our homes. By 2014 even the 40 watt incandescent light bulb will be off the shelves. Learn about the new law and how to read the new labels to determine the light output of a CFL, high-efficacy halogen, or LED bulb and compared it to the incandescent light bulb “watt” that we are accustomed too.

“A new law is aimed at turning the lights out on Thomas Edison’s 131-year-old bulb that consumers have come to associate with the warm glow of home. As of Jan. 1, the traditional 100-watt and 150-watt A19 incandescent light bulb will not be sold in California. A year later, the energy waster will be out of business nationwide. In 2013, the familiar 75-watt incandescent also will be history”

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Plymouth, MN. Bathroom Remodeling

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