To Remodel or Move?

Wayzata, MN. Basement Finishing.

A major home remodel or moving to an entirely new house is a big undertaking, Choosing whether to remodel or move is not simple. There are many factors both financial and emotional to consider, proximity to work, shopping, play, daycare and aging parents. If you like the house and location. You enjoy your neighborhood, friends and schools. If you don’t go overboard, remodeling often is the better way to go.

5,000 homeowners completed a survey with approximately 70 questions about their current home. How they would choose whether remodel their existing home or if they move to a new one.

“So, what changes do homeowners want to make if they remodel or move? The Spring 2011 report includes the following data:

57 percent report that they would like to have at least one additional bathroom;
49 percent would like a kitchen renovation;
46 percent are looking for more bedrooms; and
44 percent would like a bathroom remodel.”

See the article Dwindling Home Equity Forces Homeowners to Examine Options 

Our 10 Step Remodeling Process | Remodeling Services Provided

 Wayzata, MN. Basement Finishing.

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