Toilet Repair: Installing the Flapper

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Next, what we will do is since we can utilize the ears as I call them on the overflow tube in the existing tank, we need to eliminate this.  Sometimes people will attach this and the ears but the problem with that is that it causes undue stress on the flapper and it will close prematurely, not letting the toilet flush.  So what we will have to do is there are actually marks on here that basically say cut here and cut here.  So we can actually take our razor knife or our utility knife and we will cut those two sections here and here and just discard this piece which we won’t need.

Next, we will install the flapper on the ears, both sides, and then we will attach the chain to the flush handle.  Now, if there is excess chain in the way, you want to make sure that we trim that so there’s a little bit of slack; otherwise the possibility of the chain getting stuck underneath the flapper could stop it from completely closing.

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 Maple Grove, MN. Home Contractor.

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