Toilet Repair: Remove Fill Valve

Eden Prairie, MN. Room Addition.

 [Transcript of video]

We will finish loosening the not on the fill valve from underneath and we will lift the fill valve up out of the toilet.  Next, we will install a different kind of fill valve.  The one that I removed is actually called a ball cock.  This is actually a fluid master.  It’s got a float built in to the spam itself.  It’s a little more convenient, it takes up less room in the tank, great function, reasonably priced.  You can find it at any hardware store or box store and a pretty simple installation.

So what we will do is we will take the new fill valve and install it through the hole.  Make sure that there isn’t any debris around the hole.  We want to make sure that there is I’ve cleaned out around it.  Sometimes there are some mineral deposits that may have built up and you want to make sure that debris is out of the way before you install a new fill valve.  And install the fill valve and you will hold the top of the fill valve and install the nut on the underside by hand just to get it snug first.  You’ll take your locking pliers or channel locks and you will tighten it just about half a turn, just to get it snug.  If you over tighten it, it can possibly crack or fracture and it can cause a leak.

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 Eden Prairie, MN. Room Addition.

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