Toilet Repair: Remove Nut & Riser Tube

Chanhassen, MN. Basement Finishing.

[Transcript of video]

After we removed the excess water from the bottom of the tank, we want to check the fill tube from the fill valve and make sure there’s not water coming out.  That indicates that water should be off to the fill valve.

Next, we will take the bucket and put it underneath the supply line riser tube and shut off valve and we will disconnect the supply line.  We want to stabilize the valve below with one range and use another range to unscrew the nut to make sure you don’t damage the shut off valve. Next, you will grab your locking pliers and loosen the nut attached to the bottom of the fill valve.  Now, there will be a little bit of water, residual water inside the fill valve and that’s why we have the bucket here.

Next, we will disconnect the flush valve or the fill valve from the underside of the toilet tank.  There will be a nut underneath.  You’ll stabilize the fill valve with your hand and turned the nut counterclockwise with your locking pliers.

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 Chanhassen, MN. Basement Finishing.

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