Troubleshooting Toilet Problems

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Toilet problems can be very expensive.  Water damage to your house is a normal thing and if your toilet is not operating properly, and increased water bill is definitely something you want to avoid.  So I am going to tell you how to diagnose what is wrong with your toilet. 

If you are experiencing a leak somewhere on the floor, it’s best it to figure out where it’s coming from.  A lot of times it will be in the supply line which supplies the toilet with water.  Some of you may have an old supply line, like one of these which need to be replaced.  They can crimp and break.  They should never be reused.  Once they have been bent a couple of times the hose not only transmits water very well because it’s been pinched off, but the water will go spraying out of there.  So you definitely want to replace this if that’s your problem.  And you can identify it by just looking along there and feeling if the moisture is coming from there.

Now, the moisture may be coming up from under the tank in which case you want to get under there and put your arm in.  If it’s coming in from where the supply line meets the toilet or is it from further over, where the tank hole is, where the tank bolts to the base of the toilet?  And if that’s the case, then you are going to need to shut the water off and replace the tank bolts by removing the tank and I will show you how to do that later.

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